Experts FACT CHECK American Dental Association’s ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on ‘Resolution 37’

A group of scientists, academics, and dentists issued a 7,000-word FACT CHECK of the American Dental Association’s official ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ pertaining to Resolution 37, a proposed revision to the ADA’s Sedation and Anesthesia Guidelines.

Delegates to the ADA’s House of Delegates are scheduled to vote the resolution up or down at the group’s annual meeting which will be held October 20-24 in Denver.

The official FAQ was released by the ADA’s Council on Dental Education and Licensure (CDEL), which drafted ADA Resolution 37 and is advocating for its adoption. If approved by ADA delegates, Resolution 37 will dramatically revise the ADA’s recommended guidelines that govern the use of sedation and anesthesia, as well as related training requirements.

The entire 7,000-word FACT CHECK is available to download here as a PDF.  There is also an abbreviated SUMMARY available for download.

The FACT CHECK, a collaboration reflecting the input of more than a dozen ADA members who are independent of CDEL, responds to each of CDEL’s 15 assertions.

Click on link below to download the complete 7,000-word FACT CHECK


Click on link below to download the SUMMARY


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