Recommended Reading – References

(Partial List)

The editors of invite the submission of additional published Journal articles related to oral sedation. Send the articles (as PDFs) or article references to:

Dionne RA, Gordon SM, McCullagh LM, Phero JC: Assessment of clinical needs for anesthesia and sedation in the general population. J Am Dent Assoc 1998; 129:167-173.
Ehrich DG, Lundgren JP, Dionne RA, Nicoll BK, Hutter JW: Comparison of oral triazolam, diazepam, and placebo as outpatient premedication for endodontic patients.  J Endodontics 1997; 23:181-184.

Berthold CB, Dionne RA, Corey SE: Comparison of sublingually and orally administered triazolam for premedication prior to oral surgery.  Oral Surg, Oral Med, Oral Pathol, Endo 1997; 84:119-124.

Kaufman E, Hargreaves KM, Dionne RA: Comparison of oral triazolam and nitrous oxide to placebo and intravenous diazepam for outpatient premedication.  Oral Surg, Oral Med, Oral Pathol, 1993; 75:156-164.

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